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Geraldine Khawly


Geraldine Khawly was born on Mar 18 1993. She is a well-known name in the Australian media industry. This Lebanese-born television personality has won the hearts of millions with her captivating presence on screen.

With a successful career as a newsreader for the ABC, she has become a household name in the country. But there’s more to Geraldine than just her professional achievements.

Who is Geraldine Khawly?

Geraldine Khawly is someone many people in Australia like to watch on TV. She was born far away in Lebanon but now lives in Australia. She tells the news on a big channel called ABC. People like her because she talks nicely and knows how to tell stories well.

Geraldine Khawly

She is not just good at her job; she is also a mom who loves her kids a lot and a wife to a man named Rohan Connolly, who also works in the news. She came from another country but worked hard to become someone many people know and like to listen to.

Bio/ Wiki:

Name Geraldine Khawly
Full Real Name Geraldine Khawly
Country Jamaica
Nationality Jamaican
Age mid-31s (2024)
Height Around 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight 93kg
Birthplace Jamaica
Date of Birth (Birthday)
Mar 18 1993
Net Worth (2024)  31 year
Income/Earnings/Salary $25 million
Education Qualification N/A
School/college Lebanon
Parents and Siblings mom and dad
Relationship  Married
Husband Name Rohan Marley (ex)
Marital Status Married and divorced
Children 2
Facebook Account yes
Instagram Account yes
Twitter Account yes
Wikipedia yes
IMDB yes

Real Name:

Geraldine Khawly’s real name is the same as we know her Geraldine Khawly. Sometimes, people on TV have different names than their real ones. They do this for many reasons. But Geraldine didn’t change her name when she became famous.

She kept her name just as it was from when she was born. It’s a beautiful name that fits her well. She is proud of her name and where she comes from. Her name tells a part of her story, from Lebanon to Australia, showing everyone who she is.

Early Life and Education:

Geraldine Khawly grew up in a faraway place called Lebanon. When she was a little girl, she liked reading and talking. People always knew she would do something big. She went to school in Lebanon and was very good at her studies.

She enjoyed learning new things every day. When she moved to Australia, she had to go to new schools. It was different, but she made lots of friends. Geraldine worked very hard in school because she wanted to tell stories on TV one day. She went to a big school called university to learn even more about how to be a great newsreader. 

Parents and Siblings:

Geraldine Khawly comes from a close family that loves each other a lot. Her mom and dad live in Lebanon, where she was born. They taught her to be kind and to work hard. Geraldine has brothers and sisters, too. Like any other family, they have fun together, share stories, and help each other.

When Geraldine moved to Australia, she missed them a lot, but she always kept in touch by calling and visiting them. Her family is very proud of everything she has done on TV and how many people like watching her.

Boyfriend/ Husband:

Geraldine Khawly is married to Rohan Connolly. Rohan works in the news just like Geraldine. They both like to tell people about what’s happening in the world. Rohan and Geraldine met because they did the same job. They liked each other a lot and decided to be together.

Now, they are husband and wife, meaning they promise to care for each other. They work together, live together, and have a happy family. Geraldine and Rohan like to share stories at work and home. They help each other and are best friends. Being married means they are a team.


Geraldine Khawly and Rohan Connolly have kids together. Their children bring them lots of joy and laughter. Geraldine loves being a mom. She takes her kids to the park, reads stories, and teaches them good things. Sometimes, her kids visit her at work to see what she does on TV.

Geraldine Khawly

They are proud of their mom and dad. Having kids means Geraldine and Rohan have a big family full of love. They all support each other and have fun together. Geraldine’s kids also learn to be kind and work hard, just like their mom and dad.

The Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure:

Geraldine Khawly is a notable personality who is much loved by the public. She was born on March 3rd, making her a Pisces in the zodiac world. Although she likes to keep her personal life private, she stands at 5 feet 6 inches, making her quite tall for a woman.

Geraldine maintains a healthy lifestyle, reflected in her fit body weight. She leads an active lifestyle and is often seen hiking and doing yoga during her free time. Her weight is 93kg.

Before Fame:

Like Geraldine, people who work on TV save and spend their money wisely. People like to watch her because she does her job very well. She helps people understand what’s happening around them by being a newsreader.

That’s how it is for Geraldine. She celebrates and loves things from both Lebanon and Australia. That’s where she learned to be good at her job.


Geraldine Khawly has a big job on TV. She tells people the news on a channel called ABC in Australia. Think of it as being a storyteller but for real stories from all over the world. Geraldine worked hard to learn how to do this.

She went to a big school called a university to study. Then she started working on TV. Every day, she reads stories to everyone who watches her. She has to make sure she knows all about the stories to tell them well. 

Net Worth:

Geraldine Khawly is someone who gets paid to talk on TV. She tells people the news on ABC, which is a big deal. Because she is good at her job, she makes money. We are still determining exactly how much money she makes, but being on TV usually means you get a lot of money. Her net worth is $25 million.

This money helps her buy things she needs for her family and have a lovely house. It’s like when you do chores and get an allowance, but much more.

Famous Reason:

Geraldine Khawly has roots in two different places in the world. Because she was born in Lebanon, she has Lebanese roots. This means her family and some of her traditions come from Lebanon, a beautiful country with lots of history.

When she moved to Australia, she also became part of this country. So, Geraldine has both Lebanese and Australian in her. It’s like if you were born in one playground but then went to play in a different one and made friends there. You’d belong a bit to both, right? 

Nationality And Religion:

Geraldine Khawly comes from two countries in her heart. She was born in Lebanon, which means she is Lebanese. Lebanon is a beautiful country far away. Later, she moved to Australia. Australia is where she works on TV and lives with her family now.

So, Geraldine is also Australian. Think of it as having two homes—one is where she was born, and she lives and shares her stories on TV. Being Lebanese and Australian is special for Geraldine. It’s like having the best of two worlds. She gets to celebrate and learn about different cultures and places. That’s pretty cool.

Legacy and Impact:

Geraldine Khawly is like a star in the news world. She shows that hard work can make dreams come true, even if you start from far away. By being on TV, she teaches us to be curious and learn about the world. She helps people understand big news in easy ways.

Geraldine is also a role model for girls and boys who want to tell stories or be on TV one day. She shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from; you can become a star in what you love doing. Geraldine’s story makes many people believe they can do big things, too.

Future Plains:

Geraldine Khawly still needs to get her page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is like a big online book that allows you to learn about various people and things. Sometimes, people don’t have their pages there, but that’s okay. It doesn’t mean they’re not necessary.

Lots of people still love Geraldine for her TV work. She may have her page soon. It would tell about where she was born, her family, and how she became a newsreader. But for now, we shared her story here so you can know more about her and how she tells news stories on TV.


  • Geraldine loves spending time outdoors. She goes for hikes in the mountains and walks by the beach. 
  • She likes doing yoga. It helps her stay calm and happy.
  • Geraldine enjoys reading books. She reads stories to her kids and herself. 
  • Painting is one of her favourite things to do. She paints pictures of places she visits. 
  • She is good at cooking. Geraldine makes tasty meals for her family. 
  • On weekends, she rides her bike in the park.
  • Geraldine plays games with her kids. They have fun playing board games and puzzles. 
  • She collects pretty stones and shells from the beach. 

Interesting Facts:

  • Geraldine loves to dance when no one is watching. It makes her happy.
  • She has a secret talent for painting pictures of the beach and sunsets.
  • One fun thing about her is that she can speak three languages  English, Arabic, and French.
  • This helps her talk to more people and make new friends.
  • She loves eating chocolate ice cream, especially on hot days.
  • Geraldine has an extensive collection of colourful scarves and picks a different one to wear daily.
  • She also likes to watch funny movies with her kids, and they laugh together.


What does Geraldine Khawly do?

She tells people the news on TV in Australia.

Where was Geraldine born?

She was born in Lebanon but now lives in Australia.

Does Geraldine have any kids?

Yes, she has children with her husband, Rohan. 

How tall is Geraldine?

She is about as tall as 5 feet 6 inches.

Can Geraldine speak any other languages?

Yes, she speaks English, Arabic, and a little French.

What are some things Geraldine likes to do for fun?

She loves hiking, yoga, reading, painting, and cooking.


In this blog post, we learned a lot about Geraldine Khawly. She’s a lady who reads the news on TV and comes from Lebanon. Geraldine is also a mom and a wife and likes to have fun painting and going on adventures outdoors. She shows us that if you work hard, you can achieve your dreams, no matter where you start.

Geraldine is like a superhero in the news world, teaching us about the world and showing girls and boys they can be whatever they want. Remember, it’s essential always to learn and be kind, just like Geraldi


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