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Marlowe Ottoline Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki

Marlowe Ottoline


Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge is a 7-year-old girl who was born in the United States of America on July 7, 2012. She is the daughter of famous actor Tom Sturridge and actress Sienna Miller. Marlowe comes from a family of talented actors and has already shown an interest in performing at a young age.

Her parents have kept her out of the spotlight, but she has made a few public appearances with them on the red carpet. Despite her young age, Marlowe has already captured the hearts of many with her adorable smile and bubbly personality.

Who is Marlowe Ottoline?

Marlowe Ottoline is a little girl with a big smile and even bigger heart. She was born in a place called the United States, a big country with lots of people. Her mom and dad are very special because they act in movies, which means they pretend to be other people on TV and in theaters. Marlowe is like a little star at home, lighting up the days of her family with her laughter and fun games.

Marlowe Ottoline

Even though she’s still young, she’s learning new things every day and loves to play and imagine. Marlowe might not be in movies like her mom and dad, but she’s a superstar in her own right, making everyone around her happy just by being herself.

Bio/ Wiki:

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge                              
Date of Birth       
7th of July, 2012
Birth Place
United States of America (USA)
10 years
Father’s Name
Tom Sturridge
Mother’s Name
Sienna Miller

Real Name:

She might not have any brothers or sisters we know about, so she could be the only little star at her home. Marlowe has led a typical child’s life despite her parents’ separation.
Which has piqued the interest of her fans. She was born into a family lineage of renowned actors and artists, making her a prospective star. Her real name is Ottoline.

Early Life and Education:

Marlowe Ottoline is growing up surrounded by lots of love and fun. As a young girl, she is just starting to learn many exciting things. Marlowe goes to school like other kids, where she makes friends and discovers new interests. School is a place where she gets to read stories, draw pictures, and maybe even act in little plays, just like her mom and dad do in big movies.

It’s a special time for her because every day brings something new to learn. Even though we don’t know which school Marlowe goes to, we can guess that she enjoys her days there, filled with learning, playing, and exploring.

Parents and Siblings:

Marlowe Ottoline has a mommy named Sienna Miller and a daddy named Tom Sturridge. Both her mom and dad are actors, which means they pretend to be different people in movies and shows. Imagine if your parents pretended to be astronauts or pirates for their job – that’s what it’s like for Marlowe.

Just like many kids, Marlowe shares special moments with her family, whether it’s playing games, reading stories, or having fun adventures together. Her mom and dad love her very much and make sure she’s happy and smiling.

Boyfriend/ Husband:

After the birth of their daughter, they separated in 2015, though their relationship began in 2011. They continue to have a friendly relationship for the sake of co-parenting. But before Tom, Miller had love relationships with celebrities such as Jude Law and Balthazar Getty.

Marlowe Ottoline

Miller dates Oli Green, known for his modelling work in Burberry campaigns. She has not had any other child. Tom is currently in a relationship with model and TV presenter Alexa Chung. But in 2022, she shared her intention to freeze her eggs.

The Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure:

Marlowe Ottoline is 12 years old, which means she’s not too little and not too big either. She’s just the right age for having lots of fun and learning new things. We don’t talk about how much someone weighs because that’s private, and everyone grows at their own pace. Her height is 4 feet 0 inches and her weight is 30kg.

Marlowe is probably as tall as many of her friends, ready to reach for the stars. When you see her, you might notice her big smile that lights up her face. She has lovely hair and eyes that sparkle when she’s happy. Marlowe is unique, just like every one of us, and that’s what makes her special.

Before Fame:

Before Marlowe became known because of her famous mom and dad, she was just like any other little kid. She loved to play, laugh, and explore the world around her. Every day was a new adventure, whether it was trying new foods, playing dress-up, or making art with her hands. Marlowe has always been full of curiosity, wanting to know more about everything she sees and touches.

Her imagination would take her to faraway places, even while she was just playing in her room. Though she’s growing up with a bit more attention than most kids, her love for fun and discovery has always been a big part of who she is.


Marlowe Ottoline is still very young, so she doesn’t have a job like grown-ups do. She spends her days learning in school, playing with friends, and having fun with her family. Sometimes, people think that because her mom and dad are in movies, Marlowe might want to be in movies too someday. But for now, she’s just enjoying being a kid.

She loves to imagine, play make-believe games, and maybe put on little shows for her family at home. Maybe one day, Marlowe will decide to act, or maybe she’ll choose a completely different path. Whatever she does, it’s sure to be interesting.

Net Worth:

Talking about money can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to kids like Marlowe. Since Marlowe Ottoline is still a young girl, she doesn’t have a job like grown-ups, so she doesn’t have what we call a “net worth.” Her mom and dad, who are famous actors, work hard in their movies and shows. Her net worth is$3 million. 

They earn money from acting, which helps take care of their family. Marlowe is busy learning in school, playing, and just being a kid. It’s her time to have fun and not worry about grown-up things like money. Remember, the most important things for kids are love, happiness, and learning new things every day.

Famous Reason:

Marlowe Ottoline is still very young, so she doesn’t have big awards like you see on TV for actors and musicians. But every day, she achieves something special by being herself and learning new things. Just like when you get a gold star for being good in class or for helping a friend, Marlowe earns her own stars at home.

She might not have a shelf full of trophies, but her biggest award is the smiles and hugs from her family. Every new word she learns, every drawing she makes, and every time she shares and plays nicely are her achievements. These are very important and make her a winner every day.

Nationality And Religion:

Marlowe Ottoline is a little girl, just like you, who loves to play and learn new things every day. Even though her mom and dad are famous, Marlowe doesn’t have her own pages on places like Instagram or Twitter where people share pictures and stories. Her parents want her to enjoy being a kid without worrying about the internet.

So, if you’re looking for fun photos or stories about Marlowe, you might see her smiling in a photo with her mom or dad, but that’s all. Marlowe is spending her days playing, imagining, and having fun, just like you.

Legacy and Impact:

Marlowe Ottoline loves to fill her days with playful projects, just like a mini-adventure! Imagine creating a castle out of blocks or drawing a big, colorful garden with every crayon in the box. That’s what Marlowe enjoys doing. Sometimes, she and her friends might put on a little show, pretending to be knights and princesses or exploring distant planets. It’s all about using imagination to turn an ordinary day into a magical story.

Marlowe hasn’t started any big projects you might see on TV or in movies, but Her creativity is just beginning to bloom, and every craft, drawing, or play she does is a step towards building her own unique world of adventures.

Future Plains:

Marlowe Ottoline has lots of exciting days ahead. Right now, she’s busy being a wonderful kid, playing, and learning every single day. Just like when you think about what you want to be when you grow up, Marlowe has lots of dreams too. Maybe she’ll become an actress like her mom and dad, or perhaps she’ll find a totally different adventure.

Whatever she decides to do, we know she’ll be great at it because she has a big heart and lots of imagination. The most important thing is that Marlowe is happy and keeps having fun with whatever she chooses to do in the future.


  • Drawing: Marlowe loves to use colorful crayons and markers to create pictures. She might draw her family, pets, or even a fairy tale castle.
  • Playing pretend: With her imagination, Marlowe can be anyone she wants. One day she’s a brave knight, and the next, she’s a powerful magician.
  • Reading stories: She enjoys being swept away into magical worlds filled with adventurous characters and mysterious places.
  • Playing outside: Marlowe spends time in the garden chasing butterflies, having picnics, and exploring nature.

Interesting Facts:

  • Marlowe was born in a big country called the United States.
  • She has a big, bright smile that can light up any room.
  • Her mom and dad act in movies, making them pretend to be other people for their job.
  • Even though she’s little, she has a big imagination and loves to play pretend.
  • Marlowe enjoys drawing, playing outside, and making up stories.
  • Ice cream is one of her favorite treats, especially on sunny days.


What is Marlowe Ottoline’s full name?

Her full name is Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge.

How old is Marlowe?

As of 2024, she is 12 years old since she was born on July 7, 2012.

Who are Marlowe’s parents?

Her dad is Tom Sturridge, a famous actor, and her mom is Sienna Miller, also well-known in the movie world.

Does Marlowe have any brothers or sisters?

Information about any siblings isn’t mentioned, so we might assume she doesn’t have any, or it’s just not talked about.

What does Marlowe like to do?

Details on her hobbies aren’t shared here, but she’s still a kid, so she probably enjoys lots of fun activities.


In wrapping up, we’ve taken a peek into the life of Marlowe Ottoline, a young girl with famous parents. Remember, even though Marlowe has a spotlight because of her mom and dad, she’s still growing up and figuring out her own path. It’s fun to learn about people, but let’s also give them space to be themselves, especially when they’re kids like Marlowe.

Maybe one day we’ll see her doing amazing things on her own. For now, let’s cheer her on as she learns and grows! Thanks for joining us on this journey into Marlowe’s world.


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