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Julie Lauren Curtis Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Bio/Wiki

Julie Lauren Curtis


Julie Lauren Curtis was Born on December 19, 1961, she dedicated her life to her family, career, and local community. Julie was a manager at the Ivan Smith Furniture store in Jonesboro, Louisiana for 16 years.

Her net worth is $19 million, Height 5 feet 4 inches and weight 665 kg. She was passionate about promoting Jonesboro and was an active member of the Lions Club. Julie died on March 18, 2021, at 59, in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Who is Julie Lauren Curtis?

Julie Lauren Curtis was a kind lady who lived in Springhill, Louisiana. She worked very hard managing a furniture store for 16 years. Jonesboro, and always tried to make it a better place. She was also part of the Lions Club, where she helped do good things for others.

Julie Lauren

Julie loved helping her community. She made sure everyone had a nice place to sit and sleep. She was a friend to many and always had a smile for everyone.

Real Name:

Julie Lauren Curtis was born with the full name. She carried it throughout her life. Family history and traditions formed its foundation in her lineage. The name ‘Julie Lauren Curtis’ is unique. It reflects her parents’ choice and their hopes for her.

Born to Jerry Wayne and Wanda Christine Smith Early, her name is a testament to her heritage and identity. Curtis was a symbol of dedication. She was a symbol of community spirit. She left a lasting memory, touching those around her.

Early Life and Education:

Julie Lauren Curtis grew up in a place called Springhill, in the state of Louisiana. Imagine a small, friendly town. Almost everyone there knows each other. That was Julie’s hometown! As a little girl, Julie went to school like you.

She learned to read, write, and do math. She also made lots of friends and played fun games during recess. School helped Julie become very smart and kind. She learned important lessons, not from books, but about helping and caring for others. These lessons helped Julie become the amazing person she was, always ready to lend a hand and share a smile.

Parents and Siblings:

Julie Lauren Curtis was born to Jerry Wayne and Wanda Christine Smith Early. They were her mom and dad. Julie grew up with love all around her. She might have had brothers or sisters, but we don’t know for sure. Having siblings means you always have someone to play with.

You share secrets and sometimes argue. But, at the end of the day, you still love each other a lot. Like in any family, Julie’s parents and any siblings she had were a big part of her life. They taught her to be kind and caring, like they were.

Boyfriend/ Husband:

Julie Lauren Curtis life, there was someone very special, her husband. It was like in fairy tales. Princes and princesses have big adventures. Julie shared her own with her husband. They took care of each other and made many happy memories together.

Julie Lauren Curtis

Julie and her husband were like best friends, always there to support and love one another. It’s like when you have a best friend that you can share secrets with and have fun playing games. Their story is a reminder of how wonderful it is to have someone special in your life to share everything with.

The Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure:

Julie Lauren Curtis was a grown-up, 59 years old, when she passed away. Her net worth is $19 million, Height 5 feet 4 inches and weight 665 kg. Her inner character defined her true self. Julie was someone who made others feel comfortable and happy, like a warm and cozy blanket.

She had it’s a bright smile that could light up a room, showing her kindness and love for everyone around her. Everyone looks unique, but Julie stood out for her kind heart and caring ways.

Before Fame:

Before she got known for her big job and big heart in Jonesboro, Julie Lauren Curtis was a girl from a small town. Springhill was the name of the town.

She socialized with friends, enjoyed her preferred activities, and savored treats like others. We’ve learned, laughed, and grown during this time. It’s helped her become the amazing person everyone loved. It was a simple but special start to Julie’s story.


Julie Lauren Curtis was very good at her job. She was the boss at a furniture store called Ivan Smith Furniture in Jonesboro, LA. She spent 16 years at the company, a remarkable tenure. That’s even longer than you’ve been alive!

Julie made sure the store was a happy place for everyone who came to buy a comfy chair or a soft bed. She also worked hard to help her town look nice and be a great place to live. Julie excelled at transforming her store and town into thriving communities.

Net Worth:

Julie Lauren Curtis worked very hard at her job for many years, Her net worth is $19 million. She achieved notable success as a furniture store manager, beautifying her town. She was part of the Lions Club, where she did many kind acts to make her community a better place.

Julie didn’t need a treasure chest to be rich. Her heart was full of love and kindness. This made her more special than having lots of money. That’s how Julie made a big difference in the world.

Famous Reason:

Julie Lauren Curtis was like a superhero in her town. She always helped people and made them smile. Julie worked at a furniture store and made it a fun place to be. She loved her town. She did many good things with the Lions Club.

They helped people see better and kept parks clean. People in her town and her Lions Club friends remember her as a kind lady. She shared happiness like sunshine. It’s a memory that keeps reminding us to be kind and help others. She showed everyone how much joy you can give by being nice.

Nationality And Religion:

Julie Lauren Curtis was American, born in Springhill, Louisiana. It’s like how some of us are from here and others might be from different places. America is a big country with many states, and Louisiana is one of them.

As for her religion, that’s what people believe about the world and how to be good to each other. We don’t know much about Julie’s specific beliefs. But, what’s important is how she treated people with kindness and helped her community. It’s like how we learn to be nice and help our friends in school

Legacy and Impact:

Julie Lauren Curtis left behind a trail of kindness like sparkles. She improved her town by working hard at the furniture store. She also helped everyone feel welcome and cozy. Julie didn’t sell furniture; she made friends and spread happiness.

Her work with the Lions Club made parks cleaner. It also helped people in need. It showed that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Julie’s story teaches us that being nice and caring for others makes our world a brighter place. Her kindness is like a star that keeps shining, inspiring us all to help and love more.

Future Plains:

Julie Lauren Curtis died in 2021, ending her ability to plan ahead. But we’ve can remember her by continuing to do good things in our communities, like she did. Think of it as passing on a special baton in a relay race of kindness. Every good deed we do keeps Julie’s spirit alive.

It also spreads more happiness. Good deeds include helping a friend or planting a flower. So, the wonderful things Julie did during her life can inspire our “future plans.” Let’s make our world a brighter place, one act of kindness at a time.


  • Gardening: Julie enjoyed planting flowers and watching them grow. She loved the colors and smells of fresh blooms.
  • Reading: She found joy in reading books. Stories took her on adventures without leaving her home.
  • Cooking: Julie liked to cook yummy meals. She had fun trying new recipes and sharing them with friends and family.
  • Crafting: Making things by hand made Julie smile. She could create beautiful gifts and decorations.
  • Walking: Julie loved walks, especially in parks. It’s her way of relaxing and enjoying nature.

Interesting Facts:

  • She worked at the same furniture store for 16 years, helping many people choose comfy chairs and beds.
  • Julie was very good at organizing fun events for the Lions Club to help her community.
  • She loved all types of flowers and often planted new ones in her garden every spring.
  • Julie enjoyed baking cookies and would often share them with her neighbors and friends.
  • She always wore a special necklace that her grandmother gave her.


What did Julie like to do for fun?

Julie loved gardening, reading, cooking, crafting, and walking in parks.

Was Julie in a club?

Yes, Julie was in the Lions Club, helping people and making her town nicer.

Did Julie like animals?

She’s sure did! Julie adored cute animals, like squirrels and fluffy dogs.

What was special about Julie’s job?

Julie was the boss at a furniture store and made it a happy place for 16 years.

How did Julie help her town?

She worked hard at her store and with the Lions Club to make her town a better place.


Julie Lauren Curtis, we’ve learned about a very kind lady who loved her town and everyone in it. She made her place better by being nice and helping out. Julie showed us that doing little things with love can make a big difference.

Even though Julie is no longer with us, her kindness is like a light that keeps shining. We can remember Julie by being kind and helping others too. Let’s make our world happier. We can do it like Julie did, with smiles, kindness, and caring for each other every day.


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